My Rock Bottom

Для тех, кто хочет попробовать свои силы в казино
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My Rock Bottom

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Before i got introduced to the online casino world, i could walk into a casino or a poke venue without having that temptation to come back and play again or to chase my losses. I still to this day can go into the local pub or casino and not have the urge to put a dollar in a machine but with the online casino its been a completely different story.One game, One Casino that changed it all. I began playing a a slot machine online and had been placing little bets and i hit it big. well to me this was the biggest wins I've ever got and i wish it never happened. I won $3,000 from a 90cent bet and that increased from $6 bets to $30 to $250 bets on one spin.I felt like i was unstoppable. I made $50,000.00 within a very short period of time. I had 40k of my own money and i had won 50k from the online casino. I became a VIP. I was sent gifts and all sorts of goods. For me, the excitement of all the money and being a VIP made me feel like i was living the dream.In the end i lost everything. I lost 90k all up. The 40k and the casinos 50k. and i feel so sick about it. I wake up everyday depressed and down about it. It was hard even telling you guys about it cause i feel like a complete idiot for doing what I've done. I have actually lost a lot of weight from it, i had stopped going gym, i stopped enjoying everyday things.. All over this one single game that changed my world. How do i overcome such a big loss? =/ The worst part about it is the money itself did not feel real. All i seen was numbers on the computer screen. If i were to get that 50 into 1 mill i would have lost all of that also. I have been playing for months now just trying to win that money but i know even if i won that i would most likely put that back in anyway. So i want to stop this for good!!

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